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Performances - YouTube

& Djavan - Sina (1983)

& Brandão - Totalmente Demais

& David Byrne - London London

& Chico Buarque (fastfwd1min) - Festa Imodesta

& ChicoB, DavidB, Ney Matogrosso - Chega de Mágoa 

& Dadi - O Leãozinho 

& Dona Canô - Mother and son

& Karina Zeviani - You Don’t Know Me

& Pavarotti - Manhã de Carnaval

Você é Linda (subtitles)

Você é Linda (later)

Chega de saudade (birth of bossa nova, subs)

Aquarela do Brasil, 1970 [cf Sinatra]

& band - Não Enche

& band - Capullito de Aleli (subs)

& Chico Buarque - Você nāo entende nada/Cotidiano 

& Chico B -Tatuagem/Esse Cara

& Chico B - Vai Levando

& Chico B - O Quereres

Come As You Are (Nirvana)

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl

Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby

Get Out of Town

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London London

The Man I Love


For No One

Lady Madonna

Eleanor Rigby

You Don’t Know Me

Get Out of Town, 1985


Cucurrucucu Paloma from Almodovar’s Hable Con Ella (Talk to Her), 2002

Burn it Blue with Lila Downs from Frida 2002; ditto - with film slides; ditto - with Frida Kahlo’s art

Some Influences/Inspirations

João Gilberto  - Outra Vez (Once Again, rec)

                        - Chega de Saudade with Jobim (live)

                        - Extraordinary life and songs

Tom Jobim     - Desafinado with JGilberto vocal (live)  

                        - The Girl from Ipanema & Andy Williams (1964 live)

                        - Ditto (1965 live)

Chet Baker     - You Don’t Know What Love Is (live, 1956)  

                        - My Funny Valentine (live, 1959)

                        - There Will Never Be Another You (rec, cf CV)

                        - For All We Know (last rec)

                        - Imagination (rec)

                       - You Don’t Know What Love Is (rec, good slides)

The Beatles   - She Loves You (live, 1963)

                       - For No One (McCartney rehearses, live)

Ray Charles   - Eleanor Rigby (live)

Cole Porter    - You’re the Top (Porter sings, slides)  

                       - Easy to Love (Sinatra rehearses, rec, 1961)

Frank Sinatra - Medley with Jobim (live, 1967)

                       - I Fall in Love Too Easily (live, 1945)

                       - The Song Is You (live, 1943)


Ed Morales on ABC News, 2012 - ‘From Renegade to Musical Idol’

Peter Culshaw for, 2010 - Dinner with CV

Beck Hansen talks music with CV, 2010 - Part 1; Part 2

Thriller Mag - CV: the complexity of life, 2009

Marty Lipp for RootsWorld talks to CV about his album - A Foreign Sound, 2004

The Secret Language of Birthdays

7 August 1942  - Leo  - Day of the Double Agent

Those born on Aug 7 have an irresistible attraction to secretiveness and undercover events of all types... In a way they are like detectives, ferreting out the truth and putting it to interesting, sometimes, lucrative, uses... They must beware of arousing antagonism and making enemies by uncovering truths...

Many August 7 people have a desire to reveal their hidden selves, the intimacies of their private life, but are afraid to do so and remain reclusive... They can appear to be the most conventional, upstanding citizen...while at the same time lead a hidden life that no one knows about...

They are very adept at using humour and making light of potentially dangerous situations, often to direct suspicion away from themselves...Embellishments may also creep into their storytelling along with an accompanying desire to please...

Those born [in this week] are solid and tough and do not back down from challenges; in fact they often thrive on them, and are often at their best when dealing with problems and difficulties... They exude power and self-confidence when their prodigious energies meld, but these same energies can threaten to tear them apart...

For the most part, these are extraordinarily faithful people. They see themselves as champions of the downtrodden and protectors of the weak. They despise exclusion and condescension and, for this reason, generally side with the common person rather than the privileged.

singer, songwriter, author, political activist