Ian Campbell
Dream interpretation

A dream is a communication.

It may be the brain working on a problem; an insight into the future; or a message from the Otherside. We have the best chance of understanding it when we work together.

Dreams occasionally speak plainly, and more often symbolically. Freud thought the purpose of symbols was to protect the sleeper from disturbing truths, while Jung felt they expressed layers of truth for which words were inadequate. Concealing or revealing, they are 'the royal road to the unconscious'.

The associations of the dreamer help to understand the symbols. For symbols are a mixture of the personal and the universal; and they connect the personal to the universal.


A single dream gives a snapshot of the unconscious. A series of dreams is more like a film, but with the opportunity for a dialogue with the dream world, in which symbols recur, develop and transform.

Jung described symbols as living energies. Attending to them in a dream series is like putting a slow heat under some cooking. Something real changes.


A Greek myth tells how Menelaus, husband of Helen, came home from the Trojan War. Various misfortunes had carried him astray, so he consulted the Sea-god Proteus for guidance. Proteus is master of the underwater currents, but he will slip and slide into a thousand forms before divulging his knowledge. Menelaus held on to the god through all his changes until Proteus at last revealed his true form and showed him the way home.

This is our method in a series of dreams: holding on to the god through his changing symbols, until the way home is clear.


The Lark Ascending and Dreamlog (below) look more closely at the role of dreams in preparing us for death and the afterlife.


CAUTION ~ Dreams can disturb, as well as comfort. You may not want to know; or you may wish to set boundaries; or read the interpretation with someone you trust; or consider some other self-protection.

I am an amateur not a professional. An interpretation is a view on the meaning of a dream. Although it cannot be 'the truth', if we do a good job, it should move towards the truth. The dreamer decides.

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Dreams can help:

- self-knowledge

- personal development

- relationships

- sexuality

- pregnancy

- death

  1. -smoking, drinking, weight etc

It often helps to:

1. Describe your dream in the first person and present tense:

'I am walking down the street when...'

2. Give any associations you have (to people, objects, events, emotions, colours etc)

3. Say what happened the day before the dream

4. Give a thumbnail picture of your circumstances, with age and gender

  1. 5.Give your thoughts on the meaning of the dream