22 Songs with Richard

These songs mark perhaps the happiest period in my life. I had little idea then of their liberties with pitch, which Richard largely spared me. Instead we worked and played with the interpretations, which I hope carry some of the joy of their creation

Blue Skies x2:  7cDec 1 up tempo; 2 more varied

Blowin’ in the Wind:  17Aug nice

Born Free x3:  10Feb bit of fun; 17Feb 2 avoid; 3 horribly off key, aspirational

Come Rain or Come Shine x6: 12May 1,2; 17bAug 3; 16Sep 4,5,6. All valiant attempts I’d go for 4 & 6, perhaps 2, a dip into 5

Hello Dolly: 22Nov flat as a pancake, luckily I didn’t know and just enjoyed it

I Got Rhythm: 7dDec rollicking, forgive the pitch

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing): 7dDec fun

It’s Only a Paper Moon x3:  12May snippet; 17Aug good piano; 16bSep best rhythm

Just a Gigolo x3: 7bJul variations; 16bSep rousing; 7bDec quieter my choice. All in and out of tune

Mack the Knife x2:  23Feb 1 inventive and includes my excuse for pitch; 2 energetic, fun and who cares flat

Meet Me in St Louis x5:  2Dec 1 lively; 2 experimental; 9Dec&7Jul 3,4&5 interesting. Promiscuous pitch with pure piano

Moon River:  18Nov atmospheric

My Favourite Things:  6Jan a favourite, operatic in length and ambition, pitch pales into insignificance

Somebody Loves Me x4:  6Jan begins a cap; 13Jan 2&3 good ideas but excruciating pitch; 4Aug best and least out of tune

Something x2:  7Dec some charm and energy shrugs off the pitch-falls

Summer Holiday:  7bDec ‘first attempt’ (excuse) of this innocently happy song

Summertime x5:  22Nov trad interp variable pitch; 9bDec 2 new interp; 3 better with flat patches; 4 in a Brubeck rhythm; 7Jul flat and nothing new. So 3 best

Swanee:  6Jan a favourite, improvised in the moment

The Fool on the Hill:  7bJul mostly in tune and nice

Try to Remember:  2Dec a swinging version which largely carries the pitch-falls

White Christmas x3:  2bDec experiments; 15Dec straight; 7eDec jazzy

Wouldn’t it Be Loverly x2:  23bFeb mm; 4bAug perhaps better. Variable pitch, but experimenting, and sentimental value.