Way of the Shaman


The Talking Stone

We were all asked to bring a rock, and Simon explained how to talk to it. We each thought of a question and divided into pairs - one person recording for the other. The questioner looked for six symbols on the rock, and put his question to each, answering spontaneously in the form 'Volcano says... .' Finally, he makes a sentence out of the six replies.

I decided on the question, 'How do I get unstuck?' The symbols I saw in my stone were Volcano, Face and Snowy Mountain on one side; Cave, Fossil and Lemur Monkey on the other. As I put my question, I found my eyes filling with tears. Volcano said 'explode', Face said 'smile', and Snowy Mountain said 'ski down'. On the other side, Cave said 'die', Fossil said 'come back to life', and Lemur Monkey said 'be cheeky'. All together it seemed to say:

"Explode and smile at the wreckage. End your life in the cold rarefied air of the heights, and return to an ancient way, guided by spirit (not authority)."

When I said 'Lemur' monkey to M, my scribe, neither of us was sure if a Lemur was a monkey. But the stone didn't look like an ordinary monkey. So in the evening I consulted the internet, and found that a Lemur is a pre-monkey primate of the Promisian group. They are more like primitive primates that lived millions of years ago than living monkeys. Today they survive only on Madagascar. In most Lemur species, the females are dominant.

The internet reminded me that Lemur links to Lemuria, where the psychic said I had previously been a shaman. It derives from the Latin 'lemures' meaning 'spirits of the dead'. Lemurs evidently got the name from their ghostly faces and nocturnal habits; and the Lemur's message is follow 'Spirit'.

So what is the answer to my question?

It is strange how Cave (often a womb symbol) says 'die', while Fossil (long dead) says 'live'. Shamanism is the oldest of the spiritual traditions, and practically turned into a fossil under attack. So to become unstuck, it seems I should 'explode' my current ways and bring something long dead in me back to life - possibly connected with shamanism.

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