Way of the Shaman


Bee Dreams - 2000 - 2006

Dying Bees, 2 Aug 2000

P is curiously picking up bees and throwing them aside. They might be dead or drowsy, but I worry we may be stung. I see them start to fly in a sleepy way between the double-glazing in my sitting-room. Then, coming in through the ceiling, I see the branch of a tree or a green plant, which is dried up and dying at its tip.

Associations: P is 3 on 3 August.

Interpretation: The birthday of the child is contrasted with the nearly-dead bees and branch. Child-like curiosity will waken my natural spirit, if I stop fearing the 'sting of awakening'.


Bees or Wasps, 5 Oct 2000

I am out on some central city space - like a square or palazzo - feeling free and energised. I jump down to the road, where I am surprised to see an orphanage. Further on, bees or wasps are buzzing over cow pats in the grass. I cannot get through, and wrench myself awake to avoid being stung.

Associations: I had started a dream workshop, which involves tuning into the centre. The orphanage might refer to Mum's death a year later.

Interpretation: Freedom and energy at the centre contrast with fear and blockage at the orphanage. The cow pats may signify life from death, just as the stinging bee produces ambrosial honey.


Late Bee, 24 Jan 2002

I close a window to stop a late season bee entering.

Associations: 'Bees are messengers of the Melissa, the priestess of the Mysteries' (Robert Graves). A month later I had severe chest pains - tests showed no problem.

Interpretation: What is the message of the late bee? Hurry up, time is limited.


Bee Sting, 10 Nov 2006

A large man enters the room. 'Here's a man who knows how to have fun,' I say. This may be to appease him, as he is not wholly nice, or I don't like him, and I am scared of him. Then a bee stings him on the bottom, and I duck as it flies away.

Associations: The dream came the night after a second attack of chest pain. My writing was blocked again, and I took a break, which included some risk.

Interpretation: At last a sting! Albeit indirectly. The big man is a part of me having 'fun', while my writing is blocked. But he has a self-destructive aspect that scares me. The bee sting is the chest pain that stops him.

The bee is Demeter, goddess of Eleusis. Her intention is revealed by Kim's Tibetan Lama, who is struck down while enjoying his native hills: "The blow was a sign to me, who am no better than a strayed yak, that my place is not here. Who can read the Cause of an act is half-way to Freedom! 'Back to the path,' says the Blow. 'The Hills are not for thee. Thou can'st not choose Freedom and go in bondage to the delight of life.' "

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