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Dec 28 Poems of William Blake - Jerusalem,LitBoyFnd,Cl&P,Robin

Nov 23 Poems of William Blake - ChimSweepInno,LittleBoyFound

Oct26d Poems of William Blake - London

Oct 26e Poems of William Blake - I Heard an Angel

Oct 26f Poems of William Blake - The Divine Image

Sep 7a Poems of William Blake - Oh Why Was I Born...?

Aug 25 Poems of William Blake - Laughing Song

Aug 10c Poems of W Blake - Piper,InfantJoy,ChimneySweeprExp

Aug 10b Poems of William Blake - The Tyger, The Lamb

Aug 10a Poems of W Blake - Sunflowr,GdnoLove,Blossom,SRose


Aug 26 Goodnight Sweetheart

Aug 26d For All We Know, Mack the Knife

Aug 26c Come Rain or Come Shine

Aug 26b I’ll String Along with You, Paper Moon

Aug 26a Goodnight Sweetheart

Aug 19b Edelweiss

Aug 19a Goodnight Sweetheart

Aug 12c Just a Gigolo, For All We Know

Aug 12b My Favourite Things, This Is a Crazy Affair

Aug 12a Moon River


Aug 27 Motherless Child

Aug 13 Love Me Tender

Jan 9 They All Laughed, For All We Know


Dec 23 For All We Know, SilentNight,TheChristmasSong

Oct 24 Wouldn’t it be Loverly?

Sep 19 My Buddy

Sep 5 I’ll String Along With You

Aug 22 The Fool on the Hill, I’ll String Along with You

Aug 15b Who’s Sorry Now, Summertime

Aug 15 The Fool on the Hill, Mack the Knife

Jul 18 Que Sera Sera, Over the Rainbow

Jul 4 Que Sera Sera, The Lord’s my Shepherd

Jun 6 Somebody Loves Me

May 23a Hello Dolly, Que Sera, Try to Remember

May 23b My Favourite Things 3

May 2 MyFavouriteThings p, OhWhataBeautMornin’

Apr 25b Nursery Rhymes

Apr 25 Hello Dolly, Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’

Apr 18 Try to Remember

Mar 28 My Favourite Things, Try to Remember

Feb 28 TheManILove, IveG5Dollars, ComeRainCShine

Jan 17b Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Jan 17 I’ve Got Five Dollars, Shall We Dance

Jan 10 Just a Gigolo


Dec 22 Almost Like Being in Love

Dec 13 AlmostLikeBeinginLove, MoonltBecU, WCmas

Nov 22 WhiteCmas, ShallWeDance, I’veGot5Dollars

Nov 8 Tea for Two, Pennies from Heaven, Blue Skies

Nov 1 Moonlight Becomes You

Oct 13 Tea for Two, Moonlight Becomes You, Gigolo

Oct 6c The Man I Love, Summertime

Oct 6b Pennies From Heaven

Oct 6 Just a Gigolo

Sep 6 Summertime

Aug 30 Blue Skies, Summertime

Aug 23 Summertime

Jul 19 Blue Skies, Summertime, The Man I Love

Jul 12 Summertime

Jun 7b Clementine

Jun 7 Summertime

May 31 Summertime, Shall We Dance

May 3c Summertime, Lover Man

May 3b Ain’t Misbehavin’, Motherless Child

May 3 What a Wonderful World

Apr26b The Man I Love, Lover Man

Apr 26 Pennies From Heaven, Ten Cents a Dance

Apr 19 Lover Man

Apr 12 Summertime

Apr 5b TenCents.., TheManILove, PenniesfrHeaven

Apr 5 Lover Man

Feb 8 Beautiful Dreamer

Feb 1 Ten Cents a Dance

Jan 25 Ten Cents a Dance

Jan 18 Ten Cents a Dance, Lover Man

Jan 4 Ten Cents a Dance


Dec 21 White Christmas, The Christmas Song

Dec 21b The Man I Love, Lover Man

Dec 14 The Man I Love, Lover Man

Nov 30b Lover Man, Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’

Nov 30 Lover Come Back To Me

Nov 23 Lover Man

Nov 16b Clementine

Nov 16 Lover Man

Nov 9b MoonlightBecYou, The Lord’s My Shepherd

Nov 9 Lover Man, Que Sera Sera

Nov 2 When I Take My Sugar to Tea

Oct 26c WhnITakMySug,TLordsmyShep,WondWorld

Oct 26b Love Me Tender

Oct 26 Beyond the Sea

Oct 20 WhenITakeMySugarToTea, TheLordsMyShep

Oct 10 Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’

Oct 5 LoveMeTender,WhenITakeMySugr,OWhataBM

Sep 28 Que Sera Sera

Sep 21 O What a Beautiful Mornin’

Sep 7 Do Re Mi

Aug 31 Do Re Mi, I’m Gonna Sit Right Down..

Aug 24 Que Sera Sera, Do Re Mi, Pennies fr Heaven

Aug 10 Pennies From Heaven, Bluebells of Scotland

Aug 3  Do Re Mi

Jul 27 Pennies From Heaven

Jul 20 Swanee River, Edelweiss

Jul 20b MyBuddy,IAintGot,ImGonnaSit..,AintMisb..

Jul 13 Ain’t Misbehavin, ImGonnaSit.., SomSunDay

Jul 9 PenniesfromHeaven,Summertime,SomSunDay

Jun 19 Some Sunny Day, I’mGonnaSit.., IAin’tGot..

May 18a Annie Laurie, Bluebells of Scotland

May 18b IAin’tGotNobody, AllAlone, ShallWeDance

May 14 IAin’tGotNobody, AllAlone, BluebellsoScot

May 14b All By Myself, Beautiful Dreamer

May 11 Bluebells of Scotland, AllAlone, WhenILostU

May 11b Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland

May 7 Motherless Child, They Say Its Wonderful

May 7b When I Lost You

May 4 Motherless Child

May 1 Motherless Child

Apr 27 Motherless Child

Apr 23 Motherless Child, When I Lost You

Apr 9b The Skye Boat Song

Ap 9 Beautiful Dreamer, Bluebells of Scotland

Ap 6 BeautifulDreamer,AnnieLaurie,LochLomond

Apr 2 Loch Lomond, Flower of Scotland

Apr 2b The Skye Boat Song, TheySayItsWonderful

Mar 25 The Skye Boat Song

Mar 16 TheySayItsWonderful,WhenILostU,ThWater

Mar 11b DarkIsland,ThWaterisWide, WhenILostYou

Mar 11 All By Myself, All Alone, Shall We Dance

Mar 9 The Dark Island, When I Lost You

Mar 4 AllByMyself,WhenILostU,DarkIsland,ThWater

Mar 2 All Alone, Shall We Dance, Summertime

Febr 18 All Alone, The Water is Wide, Summertime

Feb 2 Silent Night

Jan 26b Shall We Dance, Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Jan 26 Silent Night


Dec 22 Silent Night, The Christmas Song

Dec 15 White Christmas

Sep12 TryToRemembr,DannyBoy,SomebdyLovesMe

Jul 7 Abide With Me, Swing Low, OvertheRainbow

Jun 23 Moon River, My Favourite Things

May 12 And I Love Him, Wouldn’t it be Loverly

May12b, My Favourite Things, Blue Skies

Apri 14 My Buddy

Mar 31 Try to Remember, Almost Like Being in Love

March 17 Mack the Knife

Feb 25 Almost Like Being in Love

Feb 18 What a Wonderful World, Almost Like..

Feb 11b If I Ruled the World, You Don’t HaveToSay

Feb 11 And I Love Him


Dec 23 Something

Nov 19 Blue Skies, Somebody Loves Me, MoonRiver

Nov 5 Blue Skies, I’ve Got Five Dollars

Oct 29 Gigolo, Swanee River (new), Blue Skies

Sep 24c Swanee River

Sep 24b Summer Holiday, Over the Rainbow

Sep 24 Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Aug 27b Come Rain or Come Shine, Just a Gigolo

Aug 27 Blowin’ in the Wind

July 30 Blowin in the Wind, Just a Gigolo

July 16 Just a Gigolo

Jun 6 Blowin’ in the Wind

May 23 Fool on the Hill, Stormy Weather

May 20 It’s Only a Paper Moon

May 18 Come Rain or Come Shine, Paper Moon

Apr 26 Over The Rainbow, Swanee River

Apr 21 Just a Gigolo, Come Rain or Come Shine

Apr 16 Moon River

Apr 14 If Love Were All, Meet Me In St Louis Louis

Apr 9 Meet Me In St Louis Louis

Apr 6 Come Rain or Come Shine

Apr 1 Come Rain or Come Shine

Mar 29b It’s Only a Paper Moon, Wonderful World

Mar 29 Come Rain or Come Shine

Mar 17 Stormy Weather, It’s Only a Paper Moon

Mar 15 Side by Side, Edelweiss, Born Free

Mar 12 Born Free, Edelweiss

Mar 8 I Can Give You The Starlight

Mar 1  Born Free

Feb 23  Sunrise Sunset

Jan 26 Let’s Fall in Love

Jan 24 Somebody Loves Me, My Favourite Things

Jan 15  Danny Boy

Jan 12b  Summertime

Jan 12  My Favourite Things

Jan 4  MyFavThings, Summertime, StLouis, Swanee


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